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Haunted Mansion Ride Inspired Glow in the Dark Eyes Prop - Set of 4

  • $21.99

Haunted Mansion Ride Inspired Glow in the Dark Eyes Prop - Set of 4! Each piece is approximately 5 inches x 4 inches. The thickness is approximately 1/4 inches. **ATTENTION: These are like all traditional "glow in the dark" wall pieces and, as such, need to be in the presence of light during the day to "charge" so that they glow at night. The reason we are mentioning this is because for our product photos we charged them using studio lights so that the glow would show up in darkened pictures. In terms of brightness, please assume these will glow as bright as the usual glow in the dark stars, planets, ect. Again, these won't have the "glow" seen in photos unless charged with very bright lights or sunlight during the day. Each piece also has indoor rated adhesives already applied, as shown in the above picture. Just peel and place!

Shipping Information:
Each piece is placed in a packaging envelope that is lined with bubble wrap. Please understand that this item can take up to two weeks to process, but typically much less!

I am in no way affiliated with Disney and this is not official merchandise, merely fan created content.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

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